Chez Karine: Software Engineer Turned Chef : lend your support


First there was Cynthia At Furenzu and now George has a friend at Chez Karine.  A tiny trend: Women software engineers turn chefs!

I dropped by with Kate to say hi and spend some holiday cash.  Wow!  I was knocked off my feet!

My first taste was the Sablés Chocolat which was bittersweet chocolates with hint of fleur de sel, yeah salt with your chocolates!  I couldn’t stop eating it and wanting to taste the salt again.

To validate that this is indee a new trend in chocolates: check out the NPR interview : Savoring Salt and Chocolate with the Award Winner 2005 NASFT Outstanding Confection, Milk Smoked Salt Caramels with Welsh smoked sea salt

I picked up a few pastries yesterday and every one of these gems were amazing.  If you have a holiday party, contact Karen and place an order from her Fall 2005 Menu Don’t buy your dessert from the standard bakeries.

  1. Support your software engineer and independent chef
  2. your guests will be impressed by the presentation and flavors of these desserts
  3. You will have a connection to an amazing chef and get to sample her creations for years to come