Paris Running: St Germain

Paris is the perfect city to run. Lots of walkways, interesting buildings, lots of street lights for night running.

First day in Paris, trying to beat the jet lag and Angie was running out of coffee beans and need some to go with pain au chocolat and her fruit pies. At 9:30pm on a Sunday I was telling her not to expect much cause stores usually close at 8:00pm

3.5 km From our apartment at 166 Suffren, ran to Eiffel Tower, then to Trocadero for some
late night tourist crepes.
2.5 km Then along the Seine to Place de la Concorde
2.5 km Turn right on a small yellow and red lit bridge over to the left bank and run along Blvd. St. Germain
Right turn to Jardin Du Luxembourg There we go, a small store that is opened at
10:30pm, bought some ground coffee (St.Placide metro station)
0.7km Turn right again on Rue Vaugirard
2.0km My heart finally felt in groove, up the pace and run back to 166 Suffren

Log: 11.2 km / 1.6 == 7 miles

Loving these shoes