Running: Trails Of Castro

One guy at Best Buy asked me what I did for fun on the weekend, I said I ran for fun. I run because I can run and the longer I run the happier I am.

Saturday I did my 6 mile training route to russian hills, along battery street and back to yerba brena gardens. It was a very early run at 5:00 am and I got kinda lost and hungry. Thank goodness for Starbucks.

On Sunday I was just going to do an easy 4 mile run to mission dolores but I ended up running to portola (near twin peaks) for a 8 mile run. The view from twin peaks is the best view in the city.. I ended up doing 200 of my 1000 pushups on the overpass on portola. I’m kinda crazy, I know. Castro street has some very cool shops. The gay community has good tastes in clothes and furniture.

Log: 2005/04/16 North Beach 4 miles
Log: 2005/04/17 Twin Peaks 8.2 miles
Log: 2005/04/18 1.2 miles Lafayette
Log: 2005/04/19 Russian Hils 4.2 miles
Log: 2005/04/21 4.0 miles on treadmill