New Favorite Running Route In SF

I’m sorry to say, Google Maps satellite view is really cool

Today’s long run is my favorite route yet. California Street has 2 huge hills that made me really fall in love with SF as a running city. Just as my legs were burning from running uphill, the switch comes and I get a nice smooth downhill. The old victorians is a nice distraction, then all the little stores along the entire route really provided an incentive to keep on running.

Here is route:
1. Folsom & 4th to Ellis and Van Ness 0.1
2. to Arguello Blvd & Geary 2.2
3. to Arguello Blvd. & California 0.3
4. to California & Arguello 3.2
5. to 4th & Mission 0.8 miles

Log: 6.6 miles

Stores to check out later: Arch Rival (running store), 24 hours Cala foods, Whole Foods on California, the victorians along California, Crepe and Coffe

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