Plans Don’t Always Work Out As Planned….

(I was running with the silver Axio backpack)

I’m commuting from SF by cal trains nowadays whenever I don’t need to drive Kate. Yahoo has a shuttle that picks up from Mountain View and gets to the campus 24 minutes after the train arrives. That’s not a bad deal until one day they never showed up and I had to take the light rail to work.

Don’t piss off a want-to-be runner! I’m just going to run to work from now on.

This is the first day of the plan. I have a somewhat heavy backpack with the 6.9 lbs powerbook, hair gel, power cord, vitamin water, a magazine and the Chronicle. My backpack weights in around 12 lbs

I’m writing this down on Y! 360 so that I will actually do it at least once even if it kills me.
Today I will run from the Sunnyvale Station to Yahoo!. It’s only 3 miles.

Update at 8:28am: plans never work out like you want it to. The route was for cars, not for people running! Mathilda was like a freeway in certain areas, not safe for humans to walk. I ended up going around Sunnyvale Ave, then to N. Borregas Ave. Then turn to Mathilda and run to Yahoo! Sunnyvale

Worst route ever, I felt like the Sunnyvale city is not meant for humans to walk or run. Lots of dead ends, hard to cross the 101 freeway. Lucky I had my GPS with me. But since the GPS didn’t have a compass, I needed to run in order for it find the right orientation. Sunnyvale is not a pretty city Image

Running Log: 3.5+ miles plus 12 lb backpack.