Nightmare on Caltrain Street

It’s one of those nights that I want to forget.

I took the 7pm Caltrains to SF last night.  The machine validator for the 10-ride ticket at Mountain View station was broken so I thought I’ll just get it validated on the train.  At the San Carlos station, the people checking the tickets were in a foul mood or something.. they saw that I didn’t let them know about the ticket earlier and wanted me to choose between $250 ticket or get out at San Carlos.

Well, I got off at San Carlos, 1 hour to the next train.  I ran around town and found a nice looking pizza place San Remos, and ordered a fried calamari, fizzy water, small pizza with garlic+clams+mushroom

 I sat outside (it was raining) with a heat lamp,  called up my sister and we chatted about life.  The train came at 8:51pm and I took it to SF.  Hey, life gives you lemons and you eat pizza :-)  It was an awesome pizza, one of the best I’ve had.

That’s not the end of it..  as you might know, I’m always in running gear.  So after the train, I started running back to my house.  I was running up to this bum and he turned around and yelled “dont you ever, ever run up to me again! mother f*cker”  This guy was pretty scary and he looked like he was going to slug me.  I had to back away unless I wanted to fight, but I’ll probably loose and get my head pounded in.  It was a easy decision, say I’m sorry and leave.  Ok, the city is pretty scary at night.  Note to self, don’t run up to people at night.

Note to self, maybe I shouldn’t run at night in the city

Log: 1.7 miles