Menlo Park: a different world

Tonight I took the train to Menlo Park to pick up a used jogger stroller for Kate. First time in the city, didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised at how huge the houses were!! They were like mansions, all with gates and walls. This is unreal. I was running thru the city and scared some housewife as I passed her, note to self: announce myself when I pass people.

Anyways I picked up the stroller for $50, not bad. Ran back to the station and missed the train by 30 seconds.  Then they wouldn’t let me bring the stroller on one of the trains because it was full of bikes, had to wait another 15 mins for the next train..  where I started doing 300 push-ups (i’m crazy)

1st Log: 3 miles, twice around hill in Yahoo
2nd Log: 2.2 miles w stroller and backpack