Travel: Amsterdam city for the young at heart

Guys and gals, for a sinful week of fun and food, you must come to Amsterdam.
This city is lively, everyone speaks English, it’s a very relaxed and opened environment (open prostitution, open gay marriages, legalized drugs).

When we got to Amsterdam from Paris, it was only an hour’s flight.  We got some fresh juice, shots of espresso at the very modern and ultra-design savvy fruit stand and Kate had a blast watching ultra-designed 30 secs ads at the Airport.

We followed the StyleGuide to Amsterdam book and found a very cool clown shop named the Juggle Storewhere I bought 4 swede juggling balls and kate found her favorite bubble solution and large wand.  We then jumped 4 houses over to Puccini Bomboni for the best chocolate I’ve ever had.  Everything pales in comparison to the delicate flavors of these exquisite nuggets.  Then we walked over and bumped into the a very hip ice cream parlor from Austria and found very ultra-design candy containers and chic chocolates there were average, but who cares, they looked cool.

A few more steps away, a cafe serving the tastiest bitterlemon drinks and ice tea with tonic water.  I had a focaccia bread sandwich, kate had a small little cheese, advocado sandwich.  That kid of mine had 3 servings of ice cream, play with bubbles in front of the hotel in 85 degree weather.  What a life.

After 9:00pm we took the tram to the red light district and saw the spectical of the women prostitutes in the little door ways.  I have to say, after seeing them I had these feelings

1) They are not as pretty as I thought they would be
2) If you want to go in, there is a small bed right behind the girl, the room is probably 4 feet by 8 feet.  The woman just pulls the curtains, you do your thing for 15 mins and she tells you to leave
3) I’m actually very intimidated by the women
4) very funny when they are eating popsicles and laughing, they seem to be enjoying their work.. whatever that means
5) funny paraphrase  from a guide book, “if you ever get violent with these girls, they have a panic button and you better hope the police gets there soon.  Or else you will meet the acquaintance of  the biggest man you’ve ever met in your life”
6) except that it’s legalized, and the women are safer, it’s really no different than streetwalkers (which is actually illegal in Amsterdam)

After the redlight district, went to Cafe de Jaren had a late dinner and beer and taxi back..  Awesome city to live when you are young at heart or just plain young and want to smoke weed and relax.