I’m becoming a driving softy

I’ve recently been using the public transportation a lot.  I take the BART from the east bay to SF then take the CalTrains into work in Sunnyvale.  On weekends, I would take the BART with Kate all over the Bay Area.  We have time to actually talk, draw, read or just fool around.  It’s been really relaxing for me to not drive and worry about parking.

Today I was driving home to Castro Valley and a truck driver behind me was waving and honking because I wasn’t tailgating the car in front of me.  Imagine that, actually leaving some distance between me and the car in front!  So I just waved to the guy in the back, smiled to myself, changed lanes and let him pass me.

I’m becoming a big softy.

What I would have done before would be slow down even more and let the guy get frustrated and pass me on the right.  Then I would give him the finger, but keeping it below his field of vision.  I don’t want to be shot at either.  Then I would stew over it for an hour or so.  Very unhealthy behavior on my part.