Run: Castro Valley, am I in Japan?

Finally after hurting my foot running along the canals of Paris, I’m healed and back on my training for the SF 1/2 marathon end of July.   I decided to run over to the Japanese Garden in Hayward.  It’s an amazing garden in the middle of nowhere in Hayward.  Once you are inside, you feel like you are in Japan.  Koi fish, lotus leaves, perfectly trimed trees.

Only about 2.8 miles from my house, I figure I need to squeeze in long runs on Mondays when I work at home.  (Saturdays are days I take Kate to dance class and the farmer’s market).

The run towards the garden was all downhill, yeah!! love downhill
Distance: 2.91 miles
Pace: 7’01” mins / mile

2nd part was all uphill :-( oh dear, no!!!!
Distance: 2.04 miles
Pace: 7’23” mins / mile

When I get back, I’m greeted by my loving cat, Max.  “Feed Me Now!”