2nd race: 10K in Castro Valley

My official finish time:

Placed: #54 out of 267 runners, #5 in my age group
Total time: 47’16”
pace: 7’36”
Distance: (10K) 6.56 miles by my watch
BPM: 189 avg

On Friday I decided I need to see what shape I was in for the July 1/2  marathon. So I sign myself up for a   10K on Sunday in the Eden Medical Run To The Lake.  This is my 2nd race ever, after my first race at the Bay to Breakers, which was 12K.

I was questioning my sanity about running long distance at the 2 miles and 4 miles mark.  However as I was getting more into the actual racing and competition part of trying to out maneuver my fellow anonymous runners, I toss that self doubt out the window.
Somethings I did wrong:

I let me heart rate go up to 200 in order to beat 2 guys at the end of the
last mile. Also trying to keep people I passed from catching me, I heard
foot steps in the last mile.

I think I need to run at a slower pace for the 1/2 marathon.

I got stomach cramps at the 3 rd water stop. Too much water

I’m mentally questioning the 1/2 marathon, whether I should go thru with it.

Things I did right:

I plan to run more 10K races in the future, it’s an enjoyable distance.

I ate just a powerbar and drank some carrot juice, 1 hour before the race.

I finished strong again running at 6’14” for the last mile.

I slept well the night before.

I didn’t carry any gadgets with me, no MP3 player, no Treo.

Tony Tam

Senior Principal Architect @ Splunk Founder of ImpactfulEngineer.org & SFBadminton.org