UC Berkeley and Yahoo!

This announcement brings back floods of memory when I was in UC Berkeley in 1998-1992
Yahoo! Research Labs Establishes New Center of Excellence with UC Berkeley

Top Ten Memories Of Berkeley

  1. Sitting in a huge auditorium for my first CS 60A class with probably 200 students listening to Common Lisp programming
  2. Falling asleep on the keyboard in the WEB (WorkStations In Evans Basement) on a Sun Sparc station at 2:00am
  3. Riding my bike down Bancroft street as fast as humanly possible at 2:00am without a helmet
  4. Printing out the entire set of unix man pages on my dot matrix printer so I can read them in my spare time
  5. Having the largest slice of pizza in the world at Blondies Pizza.  Having 3 hotlinks from Top Dog after a 1:00am lab session in EECS
  6. Traveling to different schools to play badminton tournaments
  7. Sitting on the steps of Sproul Hall listening to ramblings of the polical left while getting a sun tan
  8. Skipping class and playing pool and video games at the bottom of the bookstore
  9. Paying $70 for a text book
  10. Spending the most carefree 4 years of my life in the most laid back town in the west coast.