SF Marathon: (2:06:03 #1301) finished, hobbled and humbled

Great race. Record 15,000 participants. I ran the 1/2 marathon this time

Update With Official Results:
Time: 2:06:03 overall placed #1301 placed 340 out of 647 in the 30-39 age group
pace: 9’37”
Total 1/2 marathon runners 5513.

I’m really happy with the results considering I had to rest 3 times to stretch, and after the 5th mile
my right leg couldn’t bend.  I did straight leg runs and power walked the rest of the way.

Started at 5:30am at the Embarcadero, my 3 alarms couldn’t
wake me up at 3:00am. I pop out of bed at 4:40am. Drove like a madman parked and
ran to the race 2 mins before it started

Weather was perfect at 5:30am, foggy no wind, running across the Golden
Gate bridge had to be the highlight of the run.

At the 4th mile my right leg started to hurt like crazy, might have twisted
a muscle. I couldn’t bend the leg at all.  I was about to give up the race until I started power walking with
huge arm swings and taking all big hills with short sprints. The push ups
helped here.  I was power walking at 10:40 min pace

Things I did wrong

  • not getting enough sleep, not waking up earlier
  • not training enough weeks before
  • not stretching before
  • forgot my heart monitor in the rush

Things I did right

  • finishing the race despite telling myself to give up
  • I power walked to give my leg a break, no need to be macho
  • take all the hills with a vengence, it’s mental game.  Take the hills and all else will be easy

Things I learned

  • No one in the race gives up, you run, walk, hobble but you finish it!
  • I can power walk at a fast pace with big arm swings, my legs didn’t hurt

Finished Stats
distance: 13.1 miles
time: approx 2hr 14mins