Top 5 memories of Kate before she heads to school

Kate’s going to school next week, sniff.. now on to the memories

  1. She loves listening to Jack Johnson’s Sexy Plexy when she falls asleep, I would have it on for her to calm her down.  When I was in Paris with her, we listened to that before she fell asleep.  That one song always brings me back to Paris
  2. Her screaming fits where her mouth opens wide and she just let’s it out full force, usually a great time to check her teeth
  3. Of course the first time she called me dad in Chinese.  She said it with the Beijing sound. Ba` Ba^. Fourth and third sound (for the Mandarine speakers)
  4. Her kaplooey sessions where she would sit on my bed and when I say “kaplooey!” she falls straight back into the pillows. This could go on for 15 mins
  5. “I love you dad, more than you love me.”
    “Dad, I love you this much, how much? bigger that this Earth”
    “But I love Auntie Liana more than I love you.  I love Auntie Liana more than anyone else love her.”