Why I’m A Foodie

Someone asked me why I’m such a foodie. Why do I go out of my way to find the best croissant at La Farine in Oakland.  Why do I have go to dim sum at the Koi Palace, hot dogs at Top Dog, cakes at Katrina Rozelle, good Belgium chocolates?  So much trouble for just filling my stomach.   My usual response is that why eat so so food when the Bay Area offers so many choices?

I realize that is not the reason. The real reason is that food brings back memories for me. croissants brings me back to Paris, dim sum reminds of childhood with my parents, Top Dog reminds me of college days at Berkeley, the cake reminds me of my wedding cake, chocolates remind me of my first trip to Switzerland.  It’s like the movie Like Water For Chocolate, food is about memories, good or bad.  New types of food offer another chance to build new memories.

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