Push Up Contest At Yahoo!

Over at the Vendor showcase day at Yahoo! they were doing of all things a push up contest.  Everyone was getting me on to try it.  The record was 201 push ups by a Yahoo! super stud.  (Stu Y.)  The rule was that you can rest on top or do a downward facing dog.

I topped out at 114 and couldn’t go on.  I took 2 breaks, should have taken my time. Stu supposely took 10 breaks.   My muscle just couldn’t pump anymore.

This got me excited about another goal to shoot for: 202 consecutive push ups.

Good start to Push Up Thursday

+114 114 12:00pm
+120 234 11:17pm
+100 334 12:09am
+150 484 12:27am
+205 689 12:40am
+80 769 12:57am
+50 819 1:09am
+50 869 7:52am
+50 919 9:04am
+50 969 9:24am
(missed the 24 hour cut off, oh well, on to 1,900)
+50 1019 1:34pm

Published by Tony Tam

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