A Constant Force In Kate’s Life

I usually drive Kate to school on the day I work from home.  But this last time I was late by 10 minutes. I had to fill out a little tardy slip for Kate with the reason of ‘traffic’ as an excuse.

I strolled leisurely to class with Kate and as I stepped in, 5 other girls came over and said hi to Kate, showing her their morning projects, trying to get her attention.  One other girl even leaned the top of her head on Kate’s back and rubbed her head up and down Kate’s back.   Kate was firm and held out her arms to me, took my face and gave me a goodbye kiss and sent me on my way.  I tried to not cry and not take too much time since I was disrupting the class. It was one of the sweetest moment of my life!

I’m very proud of my daughter for taking the initiative to make friends at school.  I’m  happy for her that she so obviously love to learn and love being school so much.  From this point of her life until she is 18, school is going to be the biggest part of her life.  It’s going to be where she will meet most of her friends, where she will find her place in the world, where she might fall in love for the first time.   School will be the constant force in her life no matter what else happens around her.

(but when she turns 18, her father will be off to Europe, there is no doubt about that, sorry Kate)