Dreaming About Gymnastics

I had an unusual physical education history in high school. Other people did basketball, football, volleyball in high school. I did gymnastics and badminton. Back in Lowell High, we were free to pick classes and teachers, so I always picked this one gym teacher and she always teaches gymnastics and badminton. In college I again joined the gymnastics class and the badminton club.

Recently I’ve been having dreams of doing gymnastics again.. at 34 years old, I don’t know if my body can handle the twisting, the flipping, the intense stomach muscle pains :-)

Just thinking of doing this simple kip would probably take my stomach muscles one month to get strong enough.. If I don’t break some bones, I think it could be fun again :-)

I like the other sports like basketball, golf, tennis, ping pong, running (love running), but I never dream about doing any of those.