Dean Karnazes runs 350 miles non-stop

Dean Karnazes is the best known ultra marathon runner and he finishes 350 miles as a fundraising effort for Organs ‘R’ Us (you can read the Outside Magazine article here
Dean Karnazes runs 350 miles

6) Can you walk (I mean, run) us through the experience? What were the highpoints/lowpoints?
The first two nights of running went as well as can be expected. Nothing too crazy. But that third night without sleep got fairly psychotic. I started swerving and veering across the road, which got pretty scary. The last ten miles were as close to an out-of-body experience as anything I’ve ever experienced before. My mind seemed disassociated from my body, and I just floated along. There was no sensation of pain, no feeling at all really, just floating. Weird. It was late and it was a beautiful cloudless night, the moon was full, stars were shooting; the whole thing was all very surreal.