How to spend $120 at the farmer’s market

This Saturday, Kate didn’t have dance class so I actually got to spend Saturday morning with her at the SF Ferry building farmer’s market . I went in with $200 in cash and came out with $80. Pretty scary but the food is so so good.

If you like yogurt, you must try to buy this Saint Benoit Yogurt , it’s at most fine grocers in the Bay Area :-) They have honey, plum, strawberry, plain flavors. The yogurt culture is from France, it’s “sweet, mild and smooth”

16 bottles of Saint Benoit Yogurt == $34
5 baskets of strawberries == $16
1 lb of Pasta Shop paparadelle == $3
pastries from Fog Hollow with coffee == $26
1/2 lb of organic baby bok choy == $3
2 lbs tomatoes == $6
bag of kettle corn == $3
2 salmon rice balls, == $24
1 package of veggie sushi
1 bottle water,
1 bowl of soba noodles with radish
(from DELICA rf1 )

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