Crepe Saturday With Kate

Just wanted to document my very long but leisurely day with my little girl so I don’t forget.

Saturday morning started at 6:30 when Kate bounced up and asked me whether she could make crepes.  Of course, I love crepes.  She ran into the kitchen and got all the ingredients ready.  She measured the flour, broke the eggs, pour the milk, the orange blosom, salt, sugar, olive oil.  Then she poured the batter and flipped crepe.  When she was done she had 2 nutella crepes, one lavender honey and one maple syrup.

After crepes, we headed over to her ballet/tap dance at the Center For the Dance .

At noon, I drove to SF Ferry Building, ran with her jogger stroller and picked up 2 jars of honey yorgurt from Sant Benoit.  Turn the corner into Delica RF1 (menu here ) for Kobe beef over rice, salmon rice balls and butternut squash soup.

We had a spontaneous thought to take the ferry boat to the Sausalito,  the ferry was leaving in 10 mins.

Came back to SF in an hour and jogged with Kate in the $50 jogger stroller I bought from craigslist along the Embarcadero.

Time to drive back, little Kate without a nap is getting weird on me.  On my way back to Castro Valley a long time friend called to see if they could see me since they just had a little baby.  I dropped by Hayward and hung out until 5:30, then headed home.

Kate and I had a plate of veggies, noodles followed by a ginger snap cookie and wrapped up the long day at 8:30.  I actually slept at 8:30!