Making Hand Dripped Coffe

I’m going through another crazy phase in my life.  I’m getting into coffee again after a hiatus of about a year or so.

I used to be the barista for my friends and family with this little Gaggia Classic .  This little puppy really served me well.  Even though there was a lot of manually process to grind the beans, tamping down the grind, extracting the espresso.  Then heating up the pump to  foam the milk to a perfect frothy steam milk. Follow by a cooling down of the pump down to lower temperature for the espresso to come next.  It was labor intensive but the result is usually a sweet tasting cup of latte.

Then I upgraded to this full automatic Capresso C1500 which has a built in grinder, automatic espresso dispenser.  I did have to hook up an external contraption to get the milk to froth to medium hot shot of steam milk.  It not up to par to the manual labor of love.   For a while it satisfied the lazy coffee drinker in me who gave up lattes and went for straight espresso or just ‘dripped’ coffee drinks with a layer of cafe creme made by this sweet machine.

Now I find myself falling in love with the idea of labor intensive coffee drinks like the ones from Ritual Coffee (see blogs about it )where a fern is drawn on top of the drink to make you appreciate how beautiful coffee could be.  Or I would be ordering a cup of hand drip coffee for an extra $1 over regular drip coffee from Fog Hollow farmers.  I like to see them put a filter on the hand brewer, measure the 3 scoops of ‘fresh’ bean powder on the individual cup of coffee.

So I’ve started reading up on how to make a good cup of drip coffee.  I’ll have to bite the bullet and spend $160 to get a good grinder (apparently I should grind the beans when the water is almost broiling), then get some good beans from Blue Bottle Cofee, some filter paper from Melitta.