4 Meals A Day

I’ve always wanted to gain weight because I’ve always felt underweight at 138 lbs at 5’8″. Today I’ve finally reached my goal of 150 lbs by year end.

I hope it’s mostly muscles but my recent change of diet must have helped push me over the top.

  1. Breakfast at around 7:30
  2. Lunch at 12pm at the Yahoo! Cafeteria
  3. Dinner in SF at 7pm
  4. Late Supper at 11:30pm

Late night dining has some advantages:

  1. You never have to worry about parking
  2. No waiting for tables
  3. You meet people with different levels of energy than the normal crowd
  4. More drinking!

Some favorites right now that are opened late

Daimo Chinese – porridge, snake soup, roast duck
Cesar – tapas
A Cote – tapas