A hunting for chocolates we will go

Last day of this Paris trip and I wanted to hunt down some really dark, high concentrated cocoa beans dark chocolates.  This was the shop I visited Denis Acabo/A L’etoile D’or

This shop has all the high end chocolates from all over France.  I just had to try and speak a lilttle bit of French and let my love of chocolates flow through..  “Chocolat Noir, please”, “Do you speak English?”, “I love Chocolates” and I ended with about 5 lbs of dark chocolate bars of every flavor.

Well, in the photo was Karen from http://chezkarine.com/ who was a friend of George who also prepared a wonderful holiday dessert menu for me 3 weeks ago .  Karen was in the shop in 2003, I was just there this evening, and met the shop owner in pigtails :-)  We had as much conversation as possible with my less than 20 French word vocabulary but I was expressive enough with my hands to let her know I love love chocolates.

Man!  Talk about 360 degrees of separation

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