Plat Du Jour

When dining in the U.S, I have the misconception that whatever the special of the day is something that the restaurant is trying to give rid of.

Here in Paris, the ‘eating’ books recommend that I always order the plat du jour because it’s almost made from what’s fresh at the market.

So I ventured out last night at 11:00pm with my Brompton and visited Crêperie de Joselin.
It was on Montparnasse, famous for Breton crepes and has more than 15 of them on one single street. Some are tourist traps, but this place was supposedly very good and cheap.

I parked my Brompton at a seat and ask for Gallette du Jour (zucchini, oeuf, cheese, bacon crepe), vin rouge, un cafe. I butchered it a bit but they all understood what I wanted.  The crepe was very good, I think I’ve found my favorite dining area, but  gotta get out of the comfort zone and try other places :-)
Gallette du Jour: ?? of the day courgette: zucchini
oeuf: egg
fromage: cheese
lard: bacon
un petite vin rouge: small glass of house red wine
un cafe: espresso