Mid-life Crisis Coming Early

So the common theory goes that there are basic humans needs like food and shelter and once you fulfill these needs then there is love, follow by spiritual needs and I don’t remember what other higher callings there are.

For my parents’ generation they struggled for 40-50 years for basic survival and the focus is simple, earn enough money to feed your family and perhaps send their children (me and my sis) to college and maybe help us out with our first house. My parents are thankfully beyond the first stage now and are retired and enjoying spoiling Kate and Martin (my sister’s son)

For my generation, I argue that we have satisfied our basic needs a lot earlier in life. Most of the 30-40 men or women are working in good jobs, living pretty decently and can eat out 2-3 times a week with no problems. So the basic needs of food and shelter is satisfied very early. Most of us have dated, have had long term relationships, and have satisfied the basic ‘love’ aspects.

I have known many people, myself included, who are going through an early mid-life crisis now and are asking ourselves is there more to life? Is my life going to be like this 5, 10 years from now? What will change?

yeah some of us have kids and they will be a big part of our lives, but kids cannot be my identiy in life. It’s unfair to the child and to me.

I don’t have the answers for those who are going through this struggle and all I can tell myself is to always think critically, question your life, question your decision and be your own worst critic. Am I doing the right things right now? Am I treating those around me the right way? What is my plan for the next 5 years, the next 10 years the next 15 years? Am I taking small steps each day, each week to reach that goal?

Someone said to me recently that life is about Work and Love. I’ll add one more to that. Life is about Work, Love and Hope