Travel By Bike In Europe: Essential Gear Check List

As I get ready to leave for Munich for a short one week trip, I’m 2 hours away from the train leaving and as I get ready to pack I thought I write down the list of things so I remember to bring them.  Might as well share it here, why not, it helps me organize

The gorrilla tripod let’s me take pictures of myself by attaching it to anything

Brompton bike, with helmet, lock and hooked on bag to carry my 17″ powerbook
Hat to cover bad morning hair and bad helmet hair

unlocked GSM tri band phone from ebay for $35 with 35 euro sim card bought in Paris

http://tomtom .com/ GPS with the map of country I’m going to and the Treo 650 to navigate

Power: extra battery for laptop, powerstrip to charge everything, all of the plugs for the gadgets

A European electric and phone plug set for every country, pick the one for the country I’m heading to
A handwritten set of addresses and phone number in case my electronic gadgets run out of batteries

A shoe bag to carry an extra visa card in case my things get stolen

ipod shuffle filled with unheard podcasts and a few highly rated songs, ear phones will be used for Skype as well

Clothes are the hardest, someone told me to just bring a day’s worth and just buy clothes when I arrive, I still have not gotten used to this.

Lastly, train tickets, wallet, passport, keys (take a photo of the passport and upload it to a private area, just in case)

Ok, 1 1/2 hour away time for dinner, drink some wine and off