Tonight’s Munich Gamble: Ended In Disaster

After a very fillilng meal of traditional German food of fatty pork and dumplings for lunch, I’m up for some sushi.

It’s 9:58 and I’m trying to find some good food here in Munich, a search for ‘munich late night dining’ found me this CNN article
Tonight’s gamble:

Sho-ya-Sushi—Though the city offers a bounty of Japanese retaurants, many are little more than loud, trendy yuppie hangouts. That is not the case at this restaurant. A pub atmosphere and handwritten wall-mounted menus set the stage for excellent sushi and such cooked delicacies as exquisite, lightly battered jumbo shrimp. Open daily 11:30 am-2:30 pm and 6-11 pm. $$-$$$. Most major credit cards. Gabelsbergerstrasse 85. Phone 523-6249.

It’s 12:10am, the sushi place moved, and the new sushi place is closed.  Biked over to another place that was suppose to open til 1:00am, no luck.  I ended up eating at McDonalds!! oh well, haven’t had those chicken nuggets in 4 years.  Then biked 2.5 in the dark back and got to take some night scenes of beautiful Munich