Keeping entertained during a flight

The flight back from Paris with Kate was very pleasant and we both looked forward to the end of the 2 week vacation.  We came up with a few games to keep us entertained.  The most fun one was a made up game of ask the 8-ball

I wrote up 3 pieces of paper with yes, no, maybe and put it into a container.  Then we took turns asking questions of the magic 8-ball and shake out one of the pieces of paper

1) Are we going to stay in Paris forever?
2) Am I 2 feet tall?
3) Is 15 plus 3 equals to 17?

Other variations:
1) put 20 numbers in there and shake out 2 of them and do arithmetic
2) put country names in there and shake out and find the country on a globe
3) put prefix and suffix of words in there and shake out two and prouncing them together, a good way to learn prounciation and have a laugh at the new words created