Mission Accomplished, Paris I’m Back!

Mission accomplished:
1) kate and I survived Paris and she was happy and content to have been
with me for 2 1/2 weeks. Her mom said she has been very sweet. For all
dads out there, leaving your 5 year old for 2 months, leaves them missing
you a lot.

2) My house in Castro Valley was sold while I was in paris, my sister had
power of attorney and dealt with all the paper work for me while I was
eating crepes.

3) I found an apartment right across from SBC park and signed the deal
today. 1 block from Caltrain.

Now I’m in SFO heading to Paris and Italy for a 3 week vacation. Thank you
mystery forces out there for a wonderful summer. Iife is full of changes,
I’m looking forward to every step.