Hiatus in Tuscany

Taking a 2 week trip in Tuscany this week, a few ramblings.

1) Cappuccino is first in the world here in Italy, sweet necter of espresso with the right amount of milk makes a smooth drink that none can rival.  There is no pretentious baristas, they just plain know to do it right.

2) Straight shots of espresso  are second only to Bluebottle coffee in SF.  I have not had a good shot here yet.  I suspect it’s the robusta beans they add here.

3) Having 5 shots of espresso everyday does not affect my body for now, so I bettet enjoy it while it lasts

4) Not every place makes good pasta, but when you find one that makes it by hand, order paparedelle, super wide with shaved truffles

5) Italians are very warm people, who enjoy conversations.  Flirting a little bit is fun.  They just seem to know how to have fun.  Yeah, Italian men are pretty damn hot looking.   They got the chiesel body, dark skin, unshaven look that most women swoon over. Women in Tuscany are average.

6) Learn to wait for restaurant service, don’t demand it.  They will get to you when they are ready.  Sit tight and enjoy the company you are with.  Eat the plain bread with olive oil and basalmic vinegar.

7) Stop and soak up the moment.   Certain unforgettable moments should be seared into your brain.  Take the time to absorb the it, remember the visual, remember the sounds, remember your thoughts, the air and breath in the smell and the movement of the air around you.  I had one moment while visiting a fortress when a lady was singing Tuscany folk songs and I had to sit under a small tree, close my eyes and burn everything on my brain.

8) Most of all, learn to relax and be flexible with the itinerary.  Roll with the punches. Missing a train ride is not a big deal.  Waiting in line is another time to take self portraits.