We Are All Just Human

I’ve been late getting on the Battlestar Galactica bandwagen. Awsome shows btw, downloaded via iTunes.

I’ve come to accept the fact that humans make mistakes and it has helped me several times during this trip in Europe.

1) I wanted a ticket from Paris to Nice and this man said they are fully booked. I went to the electronic ticket machine (where I can’t use non-france visa) and verified that they indee had available seats. Got in line again and booked a ticket with another agent.

2) In Naples, we wanted to take the ferry from Naples to Positano, the friendly lady at the information booth said there was no afternoon ferry, but I remember they had it and pointed it out to her on her own schedule of the ferry.

Lesson learned, everyone makes mistakes, sometimes due diligence pays off. Especially those positions where humans are doing repetitive tasks like the tourist information office, doctors who are expected to do diagnosis in a few minutes, airline security..