Sorry, We Don’t Share Our Food

Self centered thought of the day.

It’s dinner time at a nice restaurant: my dinner partner asks if we can share food. I cringe and say: ‘a little bit’ but deep down I don’t want to. I don’t ask others to try theirs, don’t ask to try mine.

Selfish and childish perhaps, but wouldn’t you say it’s worst form to reach over the table to slice off a piece of meat from my plate and drip sauce across the table?

Also I want to respect the chef’s carefully planned portions. If someone takes half of my food and I take half of theirs, I may not be fully satisfied with my original choice. Furthermore we have to coordinate our dishes and I have to think about if my main course goes well with the other.

If we are eating chinese, we share. Anywhere else, order what you like and don’t be greedy and want mine as well. If you want to try mine, order the same dish next time. The end. :)

This is why I’m not well liked.