poorly made latte: Cafe Corbas

Cafe Corbas is on Hayes Street, one block from the War Memorial Opera House. One morning I was too early for Bluebottle so I dropped by this place lured by the ‘Vote #1 Latte In San Francisco” sign.

The inside is small, cozy and warm. With a pan of freshly baked cookies to wet my appetite. I ordered a latte and a fresh chocolate chip cookie. I was horrified when the ‘brista’ pored and shaked the steam milk into a milk shake glass and pored then espresso on top. I knew I was not getting a good latte this morning. The glass is way too big, the milk was not foamed correct, too much bubbles, why would the milk go in first?

The latte was very hot, bland, even with 28 oz of milk I could tell the espresso was bitter. The cookie was warm and sweet. I was sitting in the courtyard thinking how many people think this is good latte. No wonder people pore sugar and honey into their latte’s. It’s because of bad coffee like this that gives coffee it’s bad name.

Latte is suppose to be sweet, no need for sugar at all. When the milk is not steam beyond 150 degrees, the milk plus the espresso makes for a sweet, aromatic drink.

On to better coffee!!