torned tendon, gone is my foot for 3 months

Tonight I was playing badminton for 1 hour before I had to work late night. When I was doing a pretty simple jump smash, I felt this twist on my foot.. So I thought it was a simple ankle twist.. I was rubbing it and something seem weird. This tendon, behind my ankle was gone.. I was comparing it to my right foot, my left foot is missing a tendon!

I walked over to the hospital in Chinatown and was told that I needed surgery to reconnect the achilles tendon rupture.. I’ll be out for 3 months. The odd thing was that I was not shocked, I was just reading my Chinese book and accepted it as part of a learning experience.

Now I am forced to build up some upper body strength, finally slowing down and stop running around. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I might even move back with my parents to be pampered for a few days a week :-)