Kate’s sunday conversations

Some random bits of conversation between Kate and me

K: “Dad, are you going to die before me?”
me: “uhhh, I think so.”

K: “but not for a long long long long time right?”
me: “I hope so.”

K: “Dad, even when you are angry, you still love me right?”
me: “I’ll always love you”

K: “You won’t love me when you die…”
me: “As long as I’m in your heart, you’ll feel my love”
K: “ok…”

(this is during the freezing morning in SF visit to Patite Patisserie)
K: “I don’t want to put on my jacket, I’m never cold”
me: “you don’t want to catch the cold that I have, just wear the jacket until you are inside”

K: “no no no, why do you have to be mean dad all the time”
me: “because I love you”