No coffee for you Dad !!!

Kate and I got into an argument Monday morning, I think it was about wearing clothes or maybe I was slow in getting up in the morning.

She wrote me a note

“No Coffee For You Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I asked her why I don’t get any coffee and she said

K : “Because when you are mad, your favorite things get taken away”
Me: “What about you? When you are mad, what favorite things can I take away?”

(I was expecting a toy or dessert or a doll)

K: “You! you are my favorite, you can’t take yourself away! haaa. You won’t ever leave me.. isn’t that funny dad?”

Me: “That was pretty sweet kate” (kids are pretty damn funny and they really know how to make you feel good huh?)

I was pretty speechless, I kept on laughing and gave her a hug.