the unthinkable, 57.5 mile drive to work

(photo is of the Dragon Beard candy from Koi Palace)

Today I was driving into work from Berkeley after dropping off Kate at school. It’s a 46 mile drive if I went on a straight route along 880. Today said there where 4 accidents on 880 so I decided to take 580, 680 and 237 which turn out to be a 57.5 mile drive to work.

Now I’ve been driving long commutes all my working life, from Berkeley to Mountain View, Castro Valley to Sunnyvale, San Francisco to Sunnyvale. But today was the only day I seriously envy working close to where I live. That’s 14 straight years of driving every day. Moving away from San Francisco is out of the question because Kate lives in SF.

What if.. just what if I quit and work like 2 miles from my house? Driving 57.5 miles is ridiculous.

  1. I could grab a cup of Bluebottle coffee first and then walk to work
  2. Right after work, I could actually get back home in about 10 minutes before the sky gets dark

Would my stress level be less? Is Yahoo! worth all this time wasted? I’ve always prided myself in being willing to think outside the box, except for this commute. I’ve always accepted it as being part of my life. And now I seriously question it.

Being a Yahoo! has been in my blood for 7 years. George said that I bleed purple blood. I agree and it’s unthinkable to leave my team and the company.

For my co-workers who are reading this, I’m just bitching, don’t take my seriously.. or else I wouldn’t write in this blog.