Close to the heart

In Chinese we have a term 貼心 which literally translates to “close to the heart” and it’s usually used to describe daughters who are very close to their parents and especially their mothers.

Ever since my foot injury, Kate has needed to make huge adjustments. Opening and holding doors for me, bringing her dinners to the table, helping me put things away in the fridge. All this extra work have added friction between us. She finally got pretty tired of doing things for me and we got into a little fight (yes a fight with a 5 year old)

When I was tucking her away for bed, she asked for 3 pillows, and I was on a pretty short fuse, but I entertained her idea. And finally she told me that I could rest my foot on top because she saw that once at her grandparents that it helped with a bad foot.

I was a bit speechless and told her that she “sticks close to my heart” 小慧,你很貼心