Prayer Of Love

Recently I started asking Kate if she would like to say a nightly prayer of love. I told her it’s when we just say thanks for our health and our good fortune and then we pray for health and happiness for everyone we love. This way it will magically keep the people we love healthy and safe.

It goes something like this

“Thank you to giving me such a happy and healthy life. Please bring happiness and health to Kate, my mom, my dad, my dad, my sister…etc” and count out everyone who is currently on our love list.

She was happy to say it.. and then she asked me how this works. I told her that if she says it often enough, then it will actually come true. Her love will just start flowing out from her heart and will magically help those people she loves. She then asked if this will work for people who are dead as well. I believe it will.

I’m not religious, but I believe in this magic power of prayer.