Singapore Layover

(red sign says ‘Remember To Eat’)

On my business trip to Bangalore, I got to stop over in Singapore for 7 hours. I think it was intentional of Singapore airlines.. To bring some tourism money to the country.

First observations of this country is of course it’s clean, and modern. Then I noticed there are a lot of tall Asian women here, and super skinny almost in an unhealthy way. I found that I immediately fit in pretty well. I spoke Mandarin, Cantonese and English to them when I felt whichever language would work best for me.

I took the metro system from the airport into the city. Of course it was clean and efficient.

I hired a man on a bike (don’t know the name of it) to get me to Chinatown and visit the temples and get some good food. That’s usually the only thing I care about when I get to a new place.

Of course I had my share of goodies.


1) fish balls on a stick

2) yams on a stick

3) black herbal jelly

4) milk with melon

5) frog congee

Other kind of interesting things

Death if you are caught with drugs

pretty crowded metro system

10 minute hair cut