Paris here we come again

Kate and I are heading for Paris tomorrow afternoon. She is super excited about it. She tells me she is looking forward to time with only Dad and no one else. She is looking forward to the crepes, and going up to the Eifel Tower when we first get there.

I admit that I thrive on being in uncomfortable situations. But going to Paris is like coming home in a way. I don’t speak a word of French, but the shop owners are friendly when I try a few words. I feel like I know the city very well now but there are also areas I would like to explore more.

I have my own agenda for going. I would like Kate to think of Paris like a second home for her. I’m preparing for the day when I would be living in Paris and she won’t feel like anything is odd about that. So, unless something doesn’t work out, I’ll be in Paris every summer with Kate.

For those who have not made it there yet or just miss Paris, please go and watch this movie Paris Je T’Aime. It’s 13 short films set in Paris. After watching it, it’ll make you long to be in Paris.