Photos from Google vs. Yahoo! Badminton Tournament

It was a fun day where employees from 2 companies met up to play our favorite game.

I played in 3 events: Men’s Singles A, Men’s Doubles A, Mixed Doubles A and lost all 3 and went into consolation rounds and won the Mixed Doubles A consolation. It was fantastic to organize it and meet so many people at Yahoo! and Google who all play badminton. Several of the matches were very close and I enjoyed toying with my opponents to put my training to practice.

The most memorable game was when I was down 10 to 3 and I started to get serious and dragged him out to a 17 to 16 lost. He was horrified that I was able to catch up. I was barely tired.

What I learned

  • I am super competitive and could be very loud on the courts
  • I love love tournaments, will need to play in more. This is the first one in 15 years
  • I can’t be too relaxed in the beginning and give my opponents too much of a lead
  • I need to finish a game to the end and take the win.

Here are the pics

Badminton: Google vs. YahooBadminton: Google vs. YahooBadminton: Google vs. Yahoobadminton_y-vs-g_2007  1386badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1117(2)badminton 067badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1085badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1065badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1056Badminton: Google vs Yahoo!Badminton: Google vs Yahoo!badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1057badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1052badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1055badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1062badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1086badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1067badminton 026badminton 030badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1373badminton_y-vs-g_2007  1392

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