Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)

I’m usually not good at resolving conflicts. In the dating environment, I would just run away. At work, we’ll try to figure out the ‘right’ way and usually, the ‘right’ way wins.

With Cate, usually, the only way that wins is to compromise

Last night I was trying to convince Cate to fall asleep sooner as she complains that she can’t fall asleep.

Tony: “If you fall asleep, tomorrow we’ll head to the trampoline right after breakfast” and..
Cate: 5 minutes later she is asleep.

Tony: After the trampoline, I want to head to my favorite French restaurant, Petite Pontoise but
Cate wants to head home and rest afterward

Tony wants to walk around Sacre Cour but
Cate wants to help Tony cook and film the entire session and pretend the moose and kitty finger puppets are actually cooking

A long day..

Cate will be meeting her babysitter in Paris tomorrow, she falls asleep in 5 minutes after her head hits the pillows and..
Tony sitting in bed and staring out at the beautiful night view of Sacre Cour, I am the luckiest guy in the world! Perspectives!