Happy Mother’s Day : Day With My Mom

This year for mother’s day, I thought I would just spend a full day with her alone (the day before the actual day). No other family members, just mom and son. I hadn’t made any special plans ahead so in morning, I booked a ZipCar just in case we needed it, and walked 20 minutes to pick my mom up from BART.

We first walked along the Ferry Building and since it was Saturday, the farmer’s market was fill with people and the place was alive with food and energy. She was impressed with how lively it was (I’m secretly she’ll want to come over to the city more often). Then she mentioned she wanted to take the ferry to Sausalito, so we did. The weather was gorgeous, and we both enjoyed the ferry ride. She then wanted to show me a house of her friend’s in Sausalito and we wanted for 20 minutes to find the place and then walked back to to take the ferry back to the city.

I had booked a 30 minutes massage in Japantown for both of us. I enjoyed mine so much, I fell asleep 5 minutes into it. We then had noodles and drove back to her home in Dublin and had a grand seafood feast of abalone, fresh caught fish from my brother-in-law, boiled live shrimp.

During the whole day she and I shared openly about our lives, our thoughts and parts of ourselves that normally don’t come out when there are others around. She told me that it seems like I’m fully satisfied with my life right now and I seem to have everything I want. We talked about religion, spirituality, kindness, life after children, dating, her marriage to my dad. We held hands, which in our family, we seldom do. It was a completely sweet day for me.

She imparted her own critic of what I can do better.
1) always try to see the good points of other people
2) don’t let my goals ruin the experience of getting there.
3) she ask me to not apologize for being focused and obsessive, it’s a good trait. ( thanks mom)

My mom thanked me and I think she was extremely happy we had this day together. My dad said I haven’t spend this much alone time with my mom in 15 years.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!