The +100 Push Up Club

In 2005 I watched the movie Coach Carter where Samuel Jackson was trying to get the kids running suicides drills from one corner of the court to the other side and back again. That is brutal. What peaked my interest was actually the push ups. One kid was being punished and Samuel Jackson asked him to do 1,000 push ups. It got me thinking whether that is realistic? I’ve seen a lot of military type movies where the sergeant would ask the soldiers to drop and give me 500 push ups.

I started to try to do 500 push ups in 24 hours, taking as many breaks as I wanted.  Eventually other joined in and many of them reached 1,000 push ups in 24 hours and I reached 2,400 in 24 hours.  In 2011, I decided to start again.

The purpose is to

  • do incremental exercise throughout the day instead of going to a gym
  • show that you can reach an unimaginable goal by doing a little bit toward the goal
  • building arm muscles

A good way to get started is to remember that you have 24 hours.

1) Start doing push ups to see how many reps you can do and still feel comfortable.  Don’t do it until it hurts or until your very last one.  Let’s say it’s 15 / set.  This is very important, if you can do 20 / set max, only do 15.

2) Then just start doing it. Set a goal of 100 / day and if you break it down, 15 / set, you only need about 6 sets.  Then whenever you feel comfortable, drop and do 15 and record the time when you did it.

3) You will find that 100 / day will actually be easy no matter how man you can do per set.  Even if can only do 10 / set you can hit 100 in 10 sets

4) So make sure you do the 100, 200 / day consistently.

5) Every Thursday increase the count by 100. But you keep on doing your normal sets of 100, 200.  So you are working towards the ultimate goal of increasing your number by 100 each week.

6) The hardest thing is not doing it, but making time for it.  Sometimes I find myself just dropping down and doing my sets when I’m outside, in the elevator by myself.  Watching TV is a good time, after 1 – 2 hours of computers is a good time.  Water break is a good time.  But make that time for it.  it’s only about 2-3 minsper set