Living A Life Without Regrets

If your life were to end on this Earth in a couple of months, would you have any regrets?

Would you regret not having gone on the trip you’ve always wanted to?

There is no reason to wait, plan for the trip, buy the tickets and you can go. If this is your priority, set a target date, save up, spend less on other things, and go.

Would you regret not telling your love ones exactly how much you love and appreciate them?

Talk to them now. Show people around you that you do appreciate them, love them. Be generous, kind, do for them more than they expect from you. Surprise them, show them that you are taking dramatic positive steps to change yourself. Encourage and support your love ones. Create positive energies in your family.

Would you regret not spending enough quality time with your kids?

Spend the time now, evaluate your time with your kids. Are you creating lasting memories with them? Are you putting your best foot forward. If you put yourself in your child’s shoes, what does he see? Does he see a parent whom they admire? Does he see someone who he wants to model his life after?

Do you have anger, jealousy in your mind? Have you forgiven people who you think have wrong you?

Treat these feelings like poison and figure ways to purge them from your mind.

I believe if you try to live your life always without regrets, you will be blessed with a life that is content, fulfilled, honest. Your life will be surround with positive karma.