Why Am I Still Working At Y! News After 8 Years? (2007)

I have been getting the same question recently. Wow, you have been around for 8 years at Yahoo News? What makes you stay?

I think I’ll have to write it down to clear it up for myself.

  1. The grass is not always greener over at Google, Amazon, the next startup. Look yourself in the mirror when you start to complain about the company. You are most likely the culprit.
  2. There is a certain amount of trust and influence I can leverage because I’ve been around for so long.
  3. There is still so much more to do at Y! News, the game is just starting to get interesting as we scale up the number of engineers and number of users
  4. I’ve been through ups and down of being on call 24×7, working my ass off coding, launching products, mentoring new engineers, influencing and convincing others to follow. It’s always been challenging in different ways. Now my job is less about coding, more about helping other succeed and it’s even more challenging. I think I take pride in being able to stick to something long term and seeing successful outcome of my commitment
  5. The goal of reaching 100 million users in 5 years?
  6. It’s odd, but I can find enjoyment in the various parts of my job. From the mundane, to the heart pounding excitement of launching a product, troubleshooting an urgent issue, figuring out a solution to a long term engineering problem. I simply still enjoy my job.
  7. I see a bright future for Y! News and Yahoo!