My New Role At Yahoo! : Solution Architect

Today I have formally taken up the role of a Solution Architect to help Yahoo! properties on board with a new solution that I help create for Global News

My role is defined as follows

Solution Architect

  • Expediter – identifies support needed
  • Expert – determines the best solution for a given engagement
  • Consultant – identifies where and how we can streamline our process
  • Escalation path –  understands when to escalate urgent, unexpected issues

I should be measured on

  • customer satisfaction
  • adoption efficiency
  • planning ahead
  • documentation and process

I am basically playing equivalent role as an Oracle consultant for the next year.

This is the best option for the team in order to make sure the solution we worked so hard for gets wide adoption as quickly as possible.

I’m looking forward to a fruitful 2011 for Yahoo!

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