Check My Ego At The Door

In the abstract

Today I reminded myself that I’m an average person.  I often fall into the trap of being too wrapped up in my own head.  As humans, we try to have empathy for other people.  We try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, but we then quickly get back into our own heads.   I constantly remind myself that I’m only average, don’t feel too important, try to look my actions through another person’s perspective and more often than not, I realize only I think I’m important and unique.

In the concrete

Why was this on my mind? Carol, our CEO has mentioned the Lego project by name in Yahoo’s earnings report.

We’re investing for revenue growth. For an update by end of 2011, move 135 platforms to new Lego platforms in finance news, etc. 50 new products in market, consistent publisher tools. For first time, SEO optimized. We don’t have SEO which is patently ridiculous. One world wide legacy platform. Also, because of the Lego, we’ll go from 20 languages to 47, which gets us in new markets. Point is, by end of the year faster, innovating faster. Do all these things, but we are not cutting costs to grow the company. We are investing.

At first I was very glad the Lego project is being mentioned by our CEO, on the other hand, we have to execute extremely well to get the 135 properties adopting Lego this year.   I was thinking of all the ways I can help others adopt the technology our team has been building.

I reminded myself to check my ego at the door, stop and take stock, understand our customers, understand what the true perception before declaring any sort of victory.

These are the areas where our various teams have to help

  • Our teams have to be humble and understand how difficult it is for others to get used to new ways of doing things
  • There are a lot of changes going on, and there are understandably going to be concerns about change
  • When we make unilateral decisions, what is the most effective ways to communicate
  • Agree on a common set of goals